Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Parliament, We Now Can Bestow Knighthood

The summer time gives Temple Basketball players something that the school year does not, time. Yes, we still workout a lot and stay in the gym all day, but now we can go to the beach on the weekends and actually see our family and friends. For the Parliament this time allows us to be creative or for Jimmy to be super dupper happy about having plenty of time to complete his Calculous 9 homework. However, for the none brainiac side of the Parliament, this time means thinking of creative names for our teammates.
Some people are born with nicknames (Scootie Randall) and others have nicknames thrust upon them. You can not force a nickname on someone. It has to be a part of who they are and the name has to come forth from divine intervention. Dwayne Wades nickname, "The Flash," is an example of a forced and otherwise lame nickname. A bunch of people sat around and said,"Well gee guys, this totally cool guy named Dwayne Wade is too good to not have a nickname! Lets think of something....YEA!!!" The Parliament has come up with two names for two of our teammates that exemplify both great technique and precision when christening or donning said teammates with nicknames.
First, after much time and deliberation we now call Aaron Brown, "The Hackensack Locomotive." Why is this appropriate? Well, Aaron likes to take the ball to the rack while putting his head down and pretty much destroying every thing in his path. He is an unrelenting force on the court with too much momentum to be stopped. When the "Hackensack Locomotive" decides to do something, such as make 16 three pointers in a row during practice play, guaranteeing anyone who was on his team that day a win in every drill; it gets done. Thus, he has been given a fitting name by the "The Most Gangsta, Awesome, Unofficial, Governing Body at Temple University, The Parliament."
The second bestowee of the Parliaments nickname graces is TJ DiLeo. If you are an avid reader of the Parliaments Blog you know that TJ is also called the " Italian Monster." However, since the smallest Parliament member has had to guard the "Italian Monster" too much this summer he has unwillingly and embarrassingly come up with a new nickname for TJ. Let's just say that the Parliaments defense as a whole is questionable. So, when TJ gets a clear lane to dunk the ball in a way that would make the aforementioned weak defender's family cringe, a nickname must ensue. Appropriately enough, TJ's new nickname is, "The Cinnaminson Elevator." Similar to Clyde Drexler, TJ does not jump. He seems to glide and float in the air as he presses the buttons to ascend to some unknown floor that few even knew existed.

So stay tuned Parliament fans. More nicknames will come.

O yes! I almost forgot! Seeing as though the Parliaments members have some sort of Irish in their blood, our official theme song is, " I'm Shipping Up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphy's.