Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Parliament and the Golden Hands of Clap

All great super heroes experience a similar situation in which they question the nature of their work and take the inevitable hiatus. Given the Parliaments incredible super human cheering skills, they too went through a similar walk through the desert.
They needed to "find themselves" as they say. Jake and Jimmy took a long journey through the Sahara, the Amazon, and finally the frigid Antarctica to find what there heart sought. Realizing they were down a member (though Dutch will be at the front of the bench, at the end of the bench he will be with us in spirit), Jake and Jimmy found the holy grail of what all entities of Parliament nature seek.
It was in a deep, dark, desolate cave where the light was seen and caught Jimmy's eye. There in that cave was a set of glowing hands. The hands floated in mid air with a golden hew that made Jimmy's hair look even more radiant. Then suddenly the hands began to move. Slowly the hands came together to make a sound so wonderful, so awe inspiring, that it gave the Parliament just what it needed. The hands made the most purest clap sound to ever be clapped. Seeing as though the Parliaments main function is to clap (they are black belts in this discipline), Jake and Jimmy trained with the Golden Hands of Clap to become the most dangerous clappers in the known universe. In fact, the government now requires them to carry a permit for there now weapons of mass encouragement.
With their powers never stronger and the season mere weeks away, the Parliament is back and badder than ever.