Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ugh Loans

"That is so cool that you are a member of the Parliament!....but that means you still have to pay students loans right?"

As the Parliament grows older the reality of the world that we are about to step into after our playing days are over seems like it is heading toward us like a freight train. That freight train happens to be full of interest rates and those horrible student loans. See, being a Parliament member, with the exception of the beloved James McDonnel; means that you are a walk-on and you have been applying for these student loans every year. Yes, you still get to travel across the country, have your face shown on national television twice a week, and have shirts made for your awesome group showing you in true Temple Owl form that makes you look like Hooters distance cousin. But, coming out of college free of that extra monthly bill you have to pay is not a reality.
Not until the recent events in the world of baseball have the Parliaments members been so hopeful for those loans to simply be erased. Derek Jeter just had his 3,000th hit that has put him in a whole other stratosphere of athletic achievement. It was a home run that would seal his fate as one of the best baseball players of all time and get him that 3,000th hit. But the most important part of this story is that the home run ball was caught by a 23 year old, recent graduate from college. It was said that if that ball was auctioned off it could go for 500,000 dollars. However, this young student decided to give the ball back to Jeter. Of course, the kid was immediately compensated with memorabilia and probably met Jeter that night. Personally, I do not think that memorabilia is enough to make up for such an awesome act of kindness on that mans behalf. That 23 year old man has almost 100,000 dollars in debt. What if Jeter were to pay off his loans? Considering Jeter makes over 20 million dollars this year just from the Yankees organization and has made over 200 million dollars from the Yankees in his entire career, I do not think it would be too hard for Mr. Jeter to drop a 100 G's on this kid.
With that said, just about everyone who just read that who has students loans just went off into another world dreaming of a unique situation that would deem their debt paid. The Parliament has done such day dreaming and can only hope that they could catch a basketball on the bench worth 100,000 dollars.

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