Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PENN STATE...I just wanna dance with somebody!!!

PSU is a great team. They were struggling in the beginning of the year, but they have really caught fire at the end of the season. If we are going to advance we have to concentrate on all the little things during the game and make sure we do our best in guarding Taylor Battle, he is a great player.

6:00 PM. March 12, 2011. The day my dream finally came true. No, we did not shave Jimmy's head at that time. No, Juan did not finally learn how to speak coherent English. It was when we were selected to play PSU in Tucson. My dream has always been to be part of a team going to "the dance," and I am finally realizing that dream with my teammates. That was my reason for transferring to Temple. Well, one of the reasons. I also wanted to be a part of a Young Polo track, and run my hands through those gorgeous yellow locks of the one, and only Mr. McDonnell, #pause. Maybe get a chance to help coin an ABeezy saying. So when it came to the time when our name was to be announced I was the most nervous of anyone on the team. The entire time I couldn't stop shaking my legs. I was as nervous as Rahlir whenever we get on a flight and the door closes and he realizes that he can not escape. When our name was finally announced it was an amazing moment, thus the reason I jumped up and looked like a complete fool since everyone else was still sitting down. So far our trip to Tucson has been great. Jimmy has been running around trying to hug the cacti (editor's note: this is a true statement, no joking here), I have been on a dedicated quest to get to an In-N-Out Burger with the help of T.J.'s handy, dandy IPhone, and Scootie's foot has been getting more interviews then our Most Improved Player himself. We are all very focused for this game, to the extent Khalif has even memorized Battle's social security number, his favorite teletubby, and what kind of deodorant he wears. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to win the game tomorrow and advance to Saturday.

Go Owls!!!


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  1. You got this guys. We all believe in this team! Bring it home...a win and an In-N-Out Burger