Friday, March 25, 2011

End of the Season...The Parliament Endures

Parliament Fans! Parliament member 31 here with an update.

It is a bitter sweet feeling when the season ends. You wanted to go far in the tournament and enjoy the feeling of winning. However, now that the season is over you now have more time to spend with family and friends. We dedicate a lot of time to our craft and need some down time here and there. 
The worst thing that could have happened to Temple basketball is the fact that we got past the first round. What is the cause of such a negative conclusion? It is because now we have tasted victory and we want more. After losing in the first round for 3 years in a row, we got a win and now we have an addiction. So, with renewed vigor and confidence the Owls will be back in the gym working on our game ASAP. 

In other Parliament news...

We have a winner in the "Touches from Bench" department. Drum roll please!.......It's a tie! John Poulos and Dutch Gaitley both led the Temple Owls with 6 touches a piece. But, concidering this is our blog and Poulos is a trainer and not a member of the Parliament, the winner is Dutch. A little wrong? I know, but we do this because, well, we can. It is just the Parliament flexing it's muscles, who should by the way, be its own governing entity at Temple University. 

The Parliament will continue to blog throughout the summer and keep everyone updated on events pertinent to Temple Basketball. All I am hoping for is not a repeat of last summers Delco Pro Am fiasco. I wanted to play in this  league in King of Prussia really bad. So for a while leading up to the first game I was looking for a team. It was finally looking like I could play for Haverfords team. I have a connection at Haverford and it seemed as though I would be able to get on that team. It was not until my connection called me and told me the  disheartening news, "Yo Jake. I just talked to the guys and you lost your spot to Hakim Warrick." A whole summer of me or 3 games of Hakim Warrick? I would have chosen the Bentley driving, national champion, and multi-millionaire too.  

Post Scriptum

I almost wrote an entire blog without mentioning Jimmy!
 Sooooooooo,  now I must do so. 
I asked Jimmy what he thought of my new hair style and he said, "It's a good look for you. But, it is not nearly as adorable as mine. I actually stopped traffic on Broad Street with these waving, luscious locks while causing adoring Parliament fans to cry at the site of me like Justin Bieber fans at his concerts."

Go Owls!


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