Monday, April 4, 2011

You Reach For The Stars

Hello Parliament Fans!!! Yes we are still here and we are as hype as ever. Like you Temple fans, we too have been missing the games and practices. Jimmy has missed the end of the bench hype squad so much that he has been seen at the SAC giving chest bumps to the wraps guy, "GREAT JOB WITH THE MAYO!" If you are still watching basketball you know that the National Championship is tomorrow and its going to be a great game between Butler and UCONN. And if you are a true basketball fan you know that the best part doesn't happen until after the game: One Shining Moment. This is a video montage of all the best clips and sound bites from the tournament. Since I've been a little kid it has been my dream to be part of this segment, just like its been Jake's dream to dance with the lollipop guild from 'The Wizard of Oz.'. Considering since I did not get any time in the tournament :(, I'm betting on my running out and hugging Juan to be on the clips. If this does happen it will be one of the best moments of my life, even better than when Juan discovered he was able to download Mariah Carey's Christmas Album in Espanol on iTunes.  So while you are watching the game, be on the lookout for 1.9 seconds of fame. However, if I am not on 'One Shining Moment' then something drastic will happen. Be afraid Jimmy's hair, be very afraid.



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  1. I hope Jimmy is asking for extra mayo (extra everything, actually).