Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Parliament and the "Yell of Diamonds"

It was a hard fought game up at LaSalle this week. LaSalle was led by Earl Pettis who dropped 33 points on us.  I could barely breathe when those last two shots were hoisted up by Pettis and Mills. We are thankful for the win but that LaSalle team will only get better and better.
Soon after the game the Parliament met in secret. Dutch, of course, oversaw the proceedings in our “Sanctum of Parliamentary Secrecy” meeting place. After much debate we decided to go on a mission that many deemed futile. We knew that the “Golden Hands of Clap” that we had could not be enough for what is to come. A treacherous road ahead is what the Temple Men’s Basketball team has before them. So, in order to get that extra needed boast to help our Parliament swag, we did not sleep last night in pursuit of a mystical object thought to be lost.
 It has been said that one of Dutch’s ancestors, “El Dutcho Rio,” hid an object that would change the Parliament forever.  Deep in the heart of South America, in the year 1641, El Dutcho Rio placed the “Yell of Diamonds.” With both the Golden Hands of Clap and the Yell of Diamonds we could become the greatest bench cheerers in the history of the known world. Large crowds with voices rising and decibal levels at their max, our voices would be able to pierce the air and our teammates will be able to hear our every word of encouragement. With this new power, Cameron Indoor would have nothing on us. It would be like comparing Jimmy’s yelling of, “I hate crust on my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!” to a roar of a lion.
A large door opens on the roof of our Sanctum of Parliamentary Secrecy to allow our super awesome aircraft to takeoff. We fly at the speed of sound to find the Yell of Diamonds.  With machetes in hand we cut thru the dense forestation. We find the entrance to the Yell of Diamonds that takes us deep beneath the earth. Suddenly, we are attacked by creatures with powerful sound waves of destruction. They had used the Yell of Diamonds for evil and wanted nothing but to break our eardrums. Tired and battered, we fought valiantly and slayed the evil creatures. We approached the Yell of Diamonds with caution. Once all Parliament hands were laid upon the diamond, a choir of voices singing, “Party Rock Anthem” broke out. What a sweet, sweet sound it was. Jimmy of course shed a tear while Nick started party rocking. Dutch and I stood with poise and confidence knowing the power we now had in hand.
Equipped with both the “Golden Hands of Clap” and the “Yell of Diamonds” we will give our best efforts this Saturday versus Saint Joe’s and the rest of the season.
Parliament Swag! The Swaggiest of all Swag…

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