Friday, February 3, 2012

The Parliament Hiatus: The Chosen One

Many have asked why the blog has not been updated in such a long time.
They have asked if the Parliament is still active. The truth is that we had to go rogue. We went on a mission that was deemed by Jimmy to be a,"Super dupper, way too secret mission, with a cherry on top." This mission took us to one of the coldest regions of the world. Jimmy and I are used to training in the Himalayas with Dutch Motzumoto, but this, this was a cold I had never experienced.  
This missions goal was to initiate a new Parliament member, Nick Pendergast. It was assumed that he was a member by the general public. However, he had to go through his formal training and have Dutch's blessing.  Plus, you can not just say someone is a member. We are an exclusive group. We have tri-weekly meetings, Sunday brunch, manicures for our sore clapping hands, and even have a secret hand shake. So, you just can not pick this stuff up. It has to be learned. The Parliament is a way of life. The best way to put it is that we are like Snapple, made up of the best stuff on earth. 
Thus, in a small town outside of Moscow, Nick began the  tests. His training was similar to Rocky before he fought Ivan Drago. Jimmy cheered him on like Adrian, while Dutch pushed him to his limit. 43 days days later, Nick was an official member.
He came back jacked. He received Dutch's blessing along with the golden hands of clap. He will show what he has learned at our next game versus Rhode Island.  

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