Friday, February 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes of The Parliament

Parliament Nation! Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening! What ever time you find yourself reading this blog we welcome you. We got George Washington up next and hope that we can get a W.

First, I, número 31, would like to update our "Touches" category. The Italian Monster otherwise known as TJ DiLeo has entered the running for most "Touches" this season. So here are the numbers...

John Poulos-6
Italian Monster-1

Many have asked if the Parliament is just a group that simply likes publicity and behind closed doors does not get along and hates each other. Some speculate that we are like Destiny's Child, where everyone knows Beyonce (Dutch) and Kelly Rowland (me, número 31) but can not remember the other girl to save their lives (Jimmy). The Parliament has no such dissension. Instead, we like to call our selves a "brotherhood", a "fraternity", or even more fitting, a "A League of Extraordinary 'End of the Bench Hype Squad' Gentlemen." Whatever name we choose to explain our bond, the fact is that The Parliament is a well oiled machine. We are synchronized and can even finish each others sentences. The Parliament rolls together, especially on the road. When we have our pregame meals we sit together and The Parliament magic begins. 
Breaking bread together is the exact place we think of blog topics. When we brainstorm and find a good topic we proclaim with one voice and on one accord sing," Blog Topic!" Mere words fall short in explaining the chorus of voices that sing "Blog Topic." If I were to compare the sound to something you might know it would be when the cast of Jersey Shore say,"T-shirt Time!"

So in our future blogs you can rest assured that the sweet sound of "Blog Topics" will be what spawns such great and flowing paragraphs sung by men who can lull a baby wombat to sleep. 

Go Owls!


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