Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Touches from Bench" Underrated Stat

Hello Parliament Fans! This is Parliament member Jake Godino. This being my first blog entry, I have to give props to my main man Dutch for jumpstarting The Parliament Movement. We hope you enjoy our blog and choose to join the Movement!

Have you ever been sitting close to a basketball game and the ball gets deflected towards you in the stands? Your heart starts pounding and you get your hands ready to catch the ball so you can say, "I touched the ball!" Well, for The Parliament, we keep track of these "touches" every game. What makes a "touch" such a big deal?  It is what that touch brings to The Parliament that makes it a statistic that is worthy of being recorded. Two words, "Air time." Have you ever seen a player or a ball go out of bounds and the fan that catches that ball or player? Chances are you have seen this fan. The camera man zooms in on that lucky fan who is wearing a grin from ear to ear. For example, when that one Phillies fan caught a baseball and gave it to his daughter, who in turn threw it back, would be similar to Dutch getting a "touch" and giving the ball to Jimmy. For The Parliament "touches" equal air time on our nationaly televised games. We get "touches" in anticipation that The Parliament will get some love. So far this season Dutch has 3 touches, Jimmy has recorded 2, and I fall at the end of the pack with 1. Although he is not an official member of The Parliament, our trainer John Poulos recorded a game high and season high 4 "touches" during our game versus LaSalle.

Being the smallest member of The Parliament, I am at a disadvantage seeing as though I am surrounded by two men with 7 foot wing spans. It is hard for me to reach out and get a "touch" when Dutch reaches out and Jimmy's waving hair smacks me in the face temporarily blinding me. However, when I got my first "touch" I was ecstatic. It was similar to the feeling I get when I realize that there is an update for Angry Birds on my iPhone and I get to play even more levels of flinging birds!

So be on the look out for The Parliament getting their "touches."

And as always, GO OWLS!



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  2. you guys should pick your nose or scratch yourself when you know the camera is on you. Kind of like a "Hey, what's up" to everyone watching on TV. The Duke game would be a perfect spot for this!

  3. Love the blog... But as your big sister, I have to ask that you do not pick your nose or scratch yourself during the Duke game.