Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RICHMOND...Sticks and Stones may break our bones, but Chants will never hurt us.

It seems like all we have been playing lately are big games and that will not change tomorrow night. Richmond runs a very intricate offense and defense, so we will have to communicate a lot and just play sound basketball. We need a big crowd, i.e. the same crowd as the Georgetown game, because we are both tied for second place.

We sit at the end of the bench. We know, unless there are a couple injuries, we are not going into the game, unless it is a blow out. But this philosophy does not stop fans of opposing teams from making fun of us. All of us have heard our fair share of jokes made about us and we just laugh at them. We've heard the standard Jimmy joke, "How can you be sitting at the end of the bench and have your own talk show? Can I have your autograph Ellen DeGeneres?" Jake's been on the team for a couple of years so the away fans have been able to get to know him, "Did you lose your ring again Frodo?" They even make fun of me, the new guy that is only going to be here for a year, "Hey Shrek, Donkey called, he wants to know why you didn't save him any waffles?" Why do we just laugh at these jokes? Because of two reasons. One, if they are making fun of us it means the team is doing so well that they have nothing bad to say about them, and two, it means we are doing our job of motivating and providing enthusiasm to the team. One thing we are excited about is our upcoming Duke game. Why? Because they usually do some research about us. Maybe making fun of my high school nickname "Big Suburbs," or attack Jimmy's obsession of drinking honey (editor's note: this fact is true, Jimmy does drink honey before practice. His reasoning "it provides me with energy." I guess he hasn't heard that Red Bull gives you wings). So Temple fans, if you are going to heckle a player, at least take the time to find something out that is funny and will stick in their head during the game.



P.S. We would really love if we could get a "roll out shout out" during the St. Joe's game.


  1. What's a "roll out shout out" ? I'll be sure to do one at the St. Joe's game if I know what it is. (:

  2. we got you at lasalle... too much planned for sunday. just wait and seeeeee.

  3. I love the sense of humor you guys have. If I knew what a "roll out shout out" was I would be in as well.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  4. thanks alyssa....a roll out is the thing our fans show during Big 5 games to make fun of the other team