Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fordham...To towel or not to towel?

Hello Parliament Fans...As you all know, big game coming up tomorrow night. We gotta take care of business vs. a very talented Fordham Rams team. We've been struggling coming out of the gates in the early parts of  our recent games, so hopefully we can work on that tomorrow, and we need to continue our home win streak

Now after watching the Xavier vs. Georgia game tonight we've noticed some important aspects. One, was the fact that the X-Men's hype squad brought their A game tonight. Now we know they are our conference rivals but we have to give credit where credit is due. They were up the entire game and it really payed off in the end for their team. The one thing we did notice was their last guy on the bench, who would be our Jimmy McDonnell, was using a towel the entire game. There are two thought processes for this: on the one hand it draws attention to the hype squad, which is not what we are here to do. We are here to motivate and encourage our teammates on the court, and try to help out in any way we can, especially in the first half when the defense is in front of our bench. Now if an announcer wants to give us a shout out, sure why not. If a fan wants to start a "Parliament" chant, go ahead, Jimmy will probably join in with you, with a huge, innocent smile on his face. Now on the other hand there could be physical harm when that towel is being whipped around. If anyone saw Chandler Parsons get hit in the manly region then you know what we are talking about. But it begs us to task the question, should we have someone use a towel? We are more into claps and high fans. Maybe a few butt slaps, but only if they truly deserve them. Parliament Fans please let us know your thoughts. DJJ


  1. Scootie hits a deep three that forces Fordham to take a 30 second TO...that's the time to break out the towel.

  2. Hey Dutch,
    I noticed that you had your name on the back of your home jersey. But when I was at the Fordham game they didn't have it on. Have they fixed that?

    P.S.- I was the one yelling "Duuuuuuuutch" at that particular Fordham game. I'm sure you heard! A matter of fact, I'm sure EVERYONE heard it in that empty arena.

  3. Tonight should be a blowout. Tell the starters to get a big lead and then we will see 2/3 members of the Parliament. Jimmy is being redshirted so he won't play.

  4. Yes we have the problem fix...the great Mr. Jeff Wilson got me the hook up with the names on both of my jerseys and I am truly appreciate it.

  5. thoughts on tonights game so far? a little concerning now only up by 10?