Sunday, February 20, 2011

ST.JOE's...Well this is awkward

THE FUNERAL!! I don't think there is anything else that needs to be said. Huge Big 5/Atlantic 10 rivalry game. They have been playing really well as of late, so we need to come together as a team and tough this win out. Hopefully we get a good crowd to come out an show support before we go on the road for our next 3 games.

The national anthem is a beautiful thing. It doesn't matter who is singing because all I hear is a combination of Fergie and Jesus in my ears. But something that ruins this awesome yet strange perfect combo of music is the awkward hand shake we have to do before we go back to our benches. Its about as awkward as Jimmy seeing that guy Fabio with the long flowing blonde hair, you know who I am talking about, he's on the cover of all those sexual fantasy books that are right at the check out of all super markets. Well its awkward because that's who jimmy aspires to be when he grows up and that is why he grows his hair out. But jimmy refuses to admit that Fabio is his idol, thus the awkwardness. We all know a lot of the players on the other teams, so we usually go and talk to them before warm ups even start. We do this to get our pleasantries out of the way because once the warm ups start they are our enemy. Now don't get me wrong, the handshakes after the game are completely understandable and in my thoughts necessary. Especially after a hard fought game you want to tell the other team, 'good work, see ya next year, hey take a look at jimmys new hair style he's using a new stylist, blah blah blah.' The post-game handshakes and a sporting event go together hand in hand, no pun intended...they go together like lamb and tuna fish. Not a good analogy? Maybe spaghetti and meatball considering were in America.  But the pre-game handshakes have got to go, its like Juan trying to warm up WITHOUT singing miley in his head to get focused, they just don't work. I for one just go to center court and try my hardest not to acknowledge anyone on the other teams presence. So if you're out there A10 please get rid of it or Jimmy said he's going to shave his head. And we CAN NOT have that happen.

Go Owls!!!


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  1. probably a better title would be "...HAWKward!"