Friday, February 11, 2011

DAYTON..."Bench Bouncer"

Hello Parliament and Temple Owl fans. Another big game coming up tomorrow afternoon. We really need to come ready to play because Dayton plays very well at home and we need to continue to be on a roll heading into the home stretch. Game is at 1PM on ESPNU.

Who watched the Villanova vs. Rutgers game? If you did you saw Rutgers make a three with 0.8 seconds left and get fouled. But did you see what happened on the bench? The Rutgers team started running around like they were a bunch of teenage girls and Bieber decided to check himself in at the point. They started running on the court, jumping on chairs, hugging each other, I am pretty sure I saw one of players start to do the dougie. They are lucky they didn't get a technical and lose the game. This would be a perfect scenario for a "Bench Bouncer." What is a "Bench Bouncer" you ask? Great question. Parliamentipedia defines a bench bouncer as "someone(s) who holds back the players on the bench after a big play is made at a critical point in the game, i.e. a three with 2.4 secs., a charge with 3.7, or an and 1 three with 0.8 seconds." Something that gets the whole bench excited where they feel the need to run on the court. Now maybe you are thinking, so who would be the "bench bouncer" for our team? First it would have to be someone that is in the middle of the bench. So this first off counts out our own Jimmy McDonnell, which is lucky for him because he might mess up his hair while trying to hold everyone back. Some towards the front of the bench? Maybe Anthony Lee you ask? Good thought but he would probably be using the exciting material for his next rap song...maybe "thank god scootie made that shot, oh damn that girl over there is hot" (im sorry, im a blogger not a rapper). We would need someone that has experience, has his head in the game, and strength to hold everyone back? If you're thinking of me, Dutch Gaitley, then you are correct. Experience? Check. I'm pretty sure I played my first Division 1 game before Jimmy got his first perm. Head in the game? Jessicia Biel could walk into the game, tap me on the shoulder while I am on the bench and say "Hey sweet stuff, I heard you're part of the Parliament?" and I would probably respond, "No Dayton is running a pick-n-roll offense, ARE YOU EVEN WATCHING?". Strength? As long as Mike Eric is still in the game, I think I'll be good. So if you see us make a three with 2.8 seconds left on the clock you'll see #45 going his best to hold everyone back, along with his PIC's 31 and 15 pitching in.




  1. you guys are my collective favorite.

  2. I'm sad I won't be with the team tmw @ Dayton. Best of luck!